Tuesday, February 27, 2007

So Jim Badke from Kaleo emailed me today and said, 'see you tomorrow' - oh my! I start teaching on Thursday. That's awful close to today!!! I'm not ready for the rush - but a rush it will be! I fly to BC tomorrow, and get in at about midnight. Teach the next day til Tuesday, with Sunday off. Tuesday I fly to SK and get in a 1am. The next four days I recertify my Wilderness First Responder. Sunday is off again, and then I take a 5 day seminary course with Marty Culy (Current Issues in Biblical Interpretation). Finally, I fly out of Regina at 5:40am on Saturday, March 17 to make it to Toronto and then Wellend before the 3pm nuptials of my neice Amanda to Mark! Phew! But that is all ahead, and I might as well not get lost in anticipation!
Looking back, here are some photos to share. Erika Henkelman joined me for the last 6 days for skiing (3 times, hooray!), quilt organizing and fun concerts (my cousin, Thomas' band and the Polyjesters). What a treat to reconnect with this dear friend. I also got to see my Aunt Marion in North Bay last week, while up there to pick up some items for my parents.
The house cleaning is going OK - much to be done, but much is done. I told mom and dad not to come til April, and if they have any sense (which I believe they do), they won't!
See some of you soon eh!?! Carrie


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