Wednesday, December 27, 2006

The first photo is Annie of carrieandannie noteriety. The second was taken this evening in Napanee, where at my sister's home I had the chance to play 'Spongebob' Bingo with Riley. It is great to see so much family in one week (from Welland, through Parry Sound to here). Tomorrow, George and Maggie graciously get up at 4am to take me to the airport where I once again head to the prairies to teach. The middle photo is good friend Faith and I, after our walk where Annie plunged through the ice (doesn't that sound terrible!?!) in a puddle about 1/2 foot deep - of course, when you're not much taller than that, it is terrible! And funny!! Christmas day with my parents was quiet, but a good quiet. Can you find Mom and Daisy in the last photo (Daisy is their dog) - I promise they are both there!

This time in Parry Sound was both panicky and good. The good was not doing much of anything. I slept lots, ignored the marking I need to do and went for walks and paddles. I didn't realize how tired I was from all the travelling until I stopped. The panic part was 'oh no, what have I done thinking I could live here this winter!?!' This feeling arouse from a sense that I wouldn't have a community here and was here too short of a time to form one. This was relieved by a lunch with friends, hosted by Greg and Becky. They live here, and like it, and I will learn from them. As a group gathered, we laughed and shared stories and I took a deep breath and felt hopeful for the time that is to come. I have looked forward to space and time before me without significant demands, but as that space and time drew near, I also feared it. Great things are done in our lives when we are still, but it can be oh so hard. So I will battle the hard, even embrace it, and hope for great things.

Right now, I have a 2 week interlude in SK. Tomorrow friends Jeff and Martha pick me up at the airport and I will be reunited with that special community of Caronport.

Friday, December 22, 2006


all other beginnings come from some other beginning's end...or so the lyrics go. So where one big beginning ended, this one will start...paddling on McGown Lake.

This is the beginning of part II of the 'year off'. I am home in Parry Sound til the 27, then I head to Briercrest via Kingston. The adventures are never done!